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This is my collection of thought-provoking quotes of parts of Steiner's work that, for example, I believe many waldorf-pupil parents will
never get to see. I will try to make the context of the original text easily accessible where possible, so
 please check out the sources to form your own opinions.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Jews, diabetes and kosher food

Bobby Matherne writes, and cites Steiner, in his review:

"I had often wondered about the purpose of Kosher rules for the Jewish handling of food. This is the first description I have read of why and it makes a lot of sense to me. 
"[page 47, 48] The [Jewish] race has a tendency towards diabetes. Jews have a certain difficulty in assimilating sugar, on the other hand they need it. Therefore the Jewish diet should be such that it helps the body as much as possible to make use of sugar and not excrete it right away. . . . Above all the eating of pork was forbidden in order to prevent diabetes,
since pig meat makes the proper utilisation of sugar particularly difficult for man. . . . Even the Jewish method of slaughter, for instance the way of killing poultry or other animals, is calculated to leave the correct amount of blood in the meat which the Jew eats, for the proper utilisation of sugar.""
From: Nutrition and Stimulants by Rudolf Steiner, A Review by Bobby Matherne, http://www.doyletics.com/arj/nutritio.htm, look for: "[page 47, 48]".

B. Matherne's citation of Steiner is referenced to: "Nutrition and Stimulants; Lectures and Extracts by Rudolf Steiner. Compiled and Translated by K. Castelliz and B. Saunders-Davies. Published by Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Assoc/PA in 1991." rsarchives info.


c said...

what is the jewish race? is that like a race to get to the homeland or what?

Mac said...

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