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This is my collection of thought-provoking quotes of parts of Steiner's work that, for example, I believe many waldorf-pupil parents will
never get to see. I will try to make the context of the original text easily accessible where possible, so
 please check out the sources to form your own opinions.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Sugar gives more defined personality

"“These things may even lead to an understanding of something that can also be observed externally. In countries where, according to statistics, sugar consumption is low, the inhabitants have a less defined personality than in countries where consumption is high. If you visit countries where the people show more individuality, where each individual is self-contained, and then move on to countries where the inhabitants betray more the typical racial characteristics, show less individuality in their outward appearance, you will find that in the former countries sugar consumption is high, in the latter very low." (26, pp. 24-27") " Steiner, R. (21 Mar. 1913; GA?). From: FOUNDATIONS AT THE PERIPHERY: RUDOLF STEINER'S OBSERVATIONS ON STAR KNOWLEDGE, under 21 Mar. 1913.

 This passage is also cited in Nutrition and Stimulants by Rudolf Steiner, A Review by Bobby Matherne, (a review well worth reading) look for p.47/168

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